Tips for Adoptive Parents

Contributed by Brenda Riddlle Adopt! Inc

1.  Talk to others who have adopted.  Attend a support group for adoptive parents or get involved in activities organized by adoptive parents such as a play group.  Your child needs to know other adopted children.  Most likely, youîll find a strong common bond with other adoptive parents!

2.  Your childîs history is precious and private, so avoid telling others everything you know about your childîs background.  If your child wishes to share, he can do so at a time of his choosing (probably at an older age).

3.  Most people who were adopted grow up to be well adjusted, successful adults

4.  Love is not enough for adopted children… adoptive parents need to educate themselves about the various aspects of adoption.

5.  Do your homework about those you choose to assist you with your adoption.  The safest route is to use a licensed adoption agency.  Beware of facilitators.  Ask for references.

6.  Be up front with your adoption worker.  If you have any concerns about your potential approval as an adoptive parent, itîs best to discuss it sooner than later.

7.  If you adopt a child who has a heritage different than yours, find numerous ways to celebrate the childîs heritage, and learn as much as you can about the culture (including the language!).

8.  Attend seminars, and read articles and books about adoption.  Become a -lifelongº learner about adoption.  Read articles written by adults who were adopted.

9.  When your child arrives… enjoy your dream come true!

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