Vitamins, Minerals, Acupuncture, Relaxation

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Vitamins, Minerals, Acupuncture, Relaxation

Vitamins and Minerals

Certain vitamins and minerals are considered necessary or extremely important during infertility treatments (check with your doctor or health care professional for dosages):

Folic acid. Folic acid helps prevent neural rube defects in babies.

Selenium. A selenium deficiency is often linked to decreased sperm count in men and infertility in women.

Vitamin C is believed to be beneficial for sperm production

Vitamin E is believed to help balance hormone levels.

Zinc is also recommended for reproductive health.


Does this ancient Chinese art truly promote fertility? Different people will give you different answers. However, the World Health Organization, in identifying the medical conditions for which acupuncture works, does not in fact list infertility.

This isn’t a reason to dismiss it so quickly. Research published in the Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica suggest that there may be some acupuncture treatments that can stimulate ovulation in women with PCOS, specifically one technique that involves the delivery of low-frequency electrical currents to certain pressure points. Because of the danger of needles, ask your doctor for a referral.


“Just relax and you’ll get pregnant” is among the more annoying things women hear while trying to get pregnant, but studies out of the U of Washington in Seattle indicate that at the least, stress and anxiety certainly do not help.

Additional intangibles include emotional support from friends and family (or support groups, either local or online), yoga, meditation, prayer, and tai chi. Bottom line—position yourself in an environment that promotes support and good health.


The preceding treatments have their associated risks and benefits, but before you put anything in your body—or before you allow anyone to put anything in your body—check with your specialist or health care professional.

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