Veterans Compensation for STD Infertility

Submitted by del Sun 03/01/2009

Veterans are often exposed to STD related infertility during active service. Veterans compensation is available for STD related infertility if it was incurred in or aggravated by active military service. Women veterans are sometimes harassed in military posts often by male members of the military. This leads to contracting STD which later causes infertility. Male members of the military are also likely to contract STD or sexually transmitted diseases while in active service. When these diseases are left untreated, infertility will result. There are also instances of compensation being granted to military wives who suffered infertility due to their husbands contracting STDs while in active military service. Military personnel serve in remote areas and are more exposed to contracting STDS. STDs are a major cause of infertility problems. Veterans are therefore given compensation and STD related infertility is compensated if they can prove it was contracted while in service.

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