Using progesterone cream for infertility

Submitted by Shelby D Burns Thu 04/04/2013

Progesterone creams are an easy-to-use supplement to combat infertility. A hormone that aids in ovulation Progesterone is a natural hormone released from the ovary after ovulation. If you track your fertility by looking for that slight rise in body temperature then you are already familiar with the effects of progesterone. This is the hormone which causes that slight increase in temperature after successful ovulation. It makes sense that many women use progesterone cream to increase their chances of conception. Is your progesterone low? If you have trouble finding that spike in termperature, it could be that your progesterone is low. Using a progesterone cream could help boost hormone levels and increase chances of successfully getting pregnant. If the problem is simply a low level of progesterone in the body, then it can be remedied in many cases by supplementing natural progesterone with a high quality progesterone cream. A pharmaceutical grade cream prescribed by your doctor is the best option in this situation. The cream does not work for every type of fertility problem There may be other causes for the lack of temperature increase, so the cream is not going to work for everyone every time, but it’s an easy place to start if you are having trouble getting pregnant. Even if the eggs being released are healthy and there is deficient progesterone, the creams may not work alone. In those cases a doctor will help make recommendations for you and/or your partner. If the problem is unhealthy eggs and unsuccessful ovulation, progesterone cream will do nothing to help a woman conceive. It’s simple to use It is important that you start using progesterone cream after ovulation. The best way to do this is to count 14 days after your menstrual bleeding starts then wait an additional day or two. At this point rub the correct amount of cream in your skin thoroughly. Pick a different section of skin each day because the cream can cause irritation. If you start your period before the 14 days is up, stop using it and wait for the next opportunity. If you start spotting, continue to use the cream until the two weeks is done. Keeping a fertility log or diary during this time will help you and your doctor discuss any changes to your strategy.

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