Total 27 million sperms – 10 million active & motility 35% is engough to concieve boy or not ?

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According to a study
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According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in November 2001, a sperm count of less than 13.5 million per ml, motility of less than 32 percent, and less than 9 percent normal sperm forms predicted infertility. On the other hand, fertility was determined by a sperm count greater than 48 million per ml, motility greater than 63 percent, and greater than 12 percent normal forms. That means your numbers are low and you should probably meet with a urologist to determine your best chances for conception.
Ways to improve sperm health:
• Needless to say, bad health will lead to a compromised sperm count. If you are TTC, you should refrain from illicit drug use, quit smoking, and moderate or quit drinking alcohol.
• On the topic of sound health, consider cutting out unhealthy processed foods and switch to a high protein diet rich in vegetables and whole grains but low in fats. Organic foods when possible are also suggested!
• Regular exercise is also a big part of a healthy lifestyle and will reduce stress hormones that may damage sperm. Getting in shape is good idea for fertility in general for both women and men. At the same time, over-exercise can be detrimental, and in particular avoid any exercises that my impact or stress the testicles. If you’re an avid cycler, make sure you don’t ride too much. A doctor can tell you more. Also consider stress-reducing exercise like yoga, tai chi, or meditation practice.
• If you have a documented sperm count issue, then timing intercourse and regulating the frequency of sex (to around three day intervals) may be advised. However, your doctor can provide you with more specific details based on your unique circumstances.
• Its been suggested that sperm counts are highest during the morning hours. That would mean having procreative sex in morning to afternoon hours.
• Heat can compromise sperm health. Avoid hot-tubs and even tight underwear! Switch to jockey shorts and ensure a cool climate for the swimmers.
• Consider supplements like FertilAid for Men. When it comes to sperm health, minerals like zinc & selenium, amino acids like l-carnitine, and antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E are very crucial to sperm health. L-carnitine is particularly important for sperm motility. A recent clinical study revealed that FertilAid increased both sperm motility and count.

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