This month my cervix was soft/open and I had egg white mucus on day 12 only (ttc that night). OPKits began to show on day 12, but not strong til day 13-16. CM turned watery and cervix less soft on d13. Temp didn’t rise til d14. So, when did I ovulate???

Submitted by princess Mon 09/06/2010

Your temperature rise doesn’t Submitted by Angie on Thu, 09/23/2010 – 07:25. Your temperature rise doesn’t show that you are ovulating, it means that you did ovulate. Ovulation occurs while the temps are still low. Remember that OP kits are the same way. They tend to show a strong rise after you’ve had an LH surge. A soft and open cervix and egg white mucus is a good sign of ovulation, too and based on that, I would say it is a good possibility that your ovulation occurred closer to the 12th than the 14th. One month can be random, though, and it maky take 2-3 months to see a pattern emerge, so don’t make an assumption about when you always ovulate based on one month’s records. Plus, even though you timed your intercourse correctly, if you don’t get pregnant, that doesn’t mean anything is wrong – only 25% of the time will a conception occue – even if everything is on track. But – I think you’re off to a good start – great job for being so aware of your body! Login or register to post comments Need Help? A Counselor is Waiting

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