This is our first month using Ferma,Menopr and the Trigger shot along with an IUI, what are our chances of concieving?

Submitted by famousamous2000 Tue 07/21/2009

Login to post comments An IUI (otherwise known as an Submitted by Angie on Mon, 07/27/2009 – 05:10. An IUI (otherwise known as an interuterine insemination) is where a very thin flexible catheter is inserted through the cervix and injects washed sperm directly into the uterus. The average success rate runs about 20% per month, but the numbers run 2-26%. Your odds are better with injectibles, but, no one knows exactly how much better. The reason you are doing IUI plays a factor, too. Do you usually ovulate or do you have sperm issues? You may want to consider moving to a natural stim IVF if sperm factor plays a role. Injectibles are so expensive, I wouldn’t do more than 3 IUI cycles at most. If your insurance covers IVF, I would consider moving to IVF sooner rather than later because of the higher risk of multiples.

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