The Underwear Myth Busted

Submitted by my Tue 02/10/2009

Ok, there are few myths that need to be busted, but for now, we will have to explain the myth behind the possibility that men’s underwear can prevent pregnancy. Before we go any further into this explanation, let us just say that this is completely false. I am sure there are a lot of you that have heard, throughout many years, the discussions about the fact that men wearing real underwear are risking losing sperm. This belief was because of the fact that men’s regular underwear are skin tight and restrict natural movement in “certain areas”. It has always been the belief of many that men should wear nothing but boxers so that there is no restriction in any areas and there is room for plenty of movement. For all you men out there, and the women who are just curious, let it be known that there is no scientific proof that wearing underwear, as opposed to boxers, is a bad thing that can prevent pregnancy.

Submitted by malebasics on Fri, 04/16/2010 – 15:29.

Hello Contrary to this post we at actually believe the wrong underwear can affect the outcome of an infertility treatment. We are actually in the midst of looking to study the impact of Men Underwear on infertility. Our designs have incorporated a patent pending pouch that withdraws the genitals and testicules from the body lowering the temperature of those since according to some studies this can also affect the sperm count and mobility. However we are ready to be put to the test. In our case the myth would go that not wearing anything or wearing tight underwear can be damaging. My E-mail is [email protected] we have spoke with some urologist in Montreal to start as soon as may the study, however anyone interested in collaborating on this would be more than happy to comment or send an e-mail Best Regards

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