The Longest Love Letter

Submitted by Angie Sun 02/20/2011

If you need some encouragement on your journey, you might want to pick up this new book – “The Longest Love Letter,” a true story of a father telling his newborn daughter the tale of how she came to be born. This is a baby story told from a man’s perspective. The parents near five year journey to have a child, with the help of fertility medications, is riddled with tears, miscarriages, and loss of friends. The family of two would become a family of three with the help of friends, family, love, and one women’s undying determination to be a Mom. The mother is a pharmacist who suffers from common confidence issues that many women struggle with in today’s society where women are often held to impossible standards. The father comes from a violent, dysfunctional family and only becomes the best version of himself after marrying the love of his life. After becoming pregnant from IVF, the next nine months are an emotional roller coaster. The couple believe the baby is lost several times as the expectant mother is placed on 8 months bed rest. The father narrates “The Longest Love Letter” to his daughter in a raw, humorous, and sometimes painful style that touches on several of today’s issues about pregnancy, fertility concerns, family violence, and ultimately the strength of women. “The Longest Love Letter” was written as a love letter to the authors daughter but clearly becomes a love letter to his wife by the end of its 400 pages. The story is meant to be a legacy for a little girl and a light of hope for the millions of couples that struggle with fertility issues. It is a tribute to all women and especially mothers or would be mothers.

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