The Law of Attraction and Baby-Making

Submitted by Angie Sat 05/01/2010

Fertility Focus Presents Live Teleseminar Series May 14, 2 pm PST Stay tuned for more information “Fertile Inner Dialogue for Optimal Fertility Potential” • Designed for any mom to be who wants a deeper connection with self and baby-to-be, or to heal birth trauma, loss, or to break through unconscious emotional blocks to fertility/happy pregnancy.

1. Introduction to Conscious Conception’s philosophy, its relationship to natural law, and how it could be the “missing link” in fertility success, (esp with IVF).

2. How BabySpirit Meditation can “open the door of possibility”, call in your future baby-to-be and heal loss

3. Using mindful tools to empower thoughts and emotions, and have them work for you rather than against you.

4. Practical ways to use Conscious Conception’s philosophy to improve your fertility And, in case you were wondering, I don’t get any payment of any kind to promote these – I share it with you because it may speak to your spirit.

There is a science to manifesting a healthy, balanced life. Well-being is your birthright. Tap into your inner technology: “Higher anxiety and depression levels have been found in both partners of infertile couples,” says Mohit Khera, M.D., MPH, an assistant professor of urology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. “Studies have shown that emotional distress is associated with difficulty in conceiving.”

If you are not living your potential how can you really know you are moving in the right direction? There is an art to listening to the heart and allowing it to sing. There are also physical energy centers, called chakras, in the body that can be intentionally worked with to create the highest outcome. The Law of Attraction says, that once understood, there isn’t anything you cannot be, do, or have. But we must take certain steps toward this understanding. ____

_______ Conscious Conception is on the frontier of a new approach to fertility; preparing for conception, bringing in baby consciously, and healing infertility. It is quickly gaining momentum with the medical community as we see more and more the direct mind/body AND spirit connection to optimal health and well-being

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