Sperm scoring

Submitted by my on Thu 04/16/2009

Infertility affects so many couples because of different reasons. It could be because of the woman’s age or health. It could be a malfunction in the body of the man. Whatever caused it, some couples look for means to have a child besides adoption. One of the methods couples use is In Vitro Fertilization which refers to the fertilization of the egg cells by the sperm outside the woman’s womb. This method has a success rate of 25%. This is why researchers at Edinburgh University developed a testing system to find out the quality of the sperm before IVF is performed. By fingerprinting sperm, it could increase the success rate of IVF, making more childless women become pregnant through the method. Because the sperm no longer has to ‘perform’ and outlast the others in order to reach the egg at the end, the quality score done during the testing will determine which sperm wins without the race.

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