Scary Surrogacy Stories: Can They be Prevented?

Submitted by Angie Sun 12/13/2009

A recent New York Times article reported a terrifying story that has many in the surrogacy community alarmed. An infertile couple couldn’t have their own children, so they did what many 21st century couples do – they hired a surrogate, bought some sperm, chose some eggs, and hired an IVF clinic to put it all together. The surrogacy went well, twin baby girls were born and the girls went home to the parents who organized the pregnancy. All was well, until a month later when the birth mom found out that the adoptive mom was being treated for a mental illness. In what may well be a nightmare for the adoptive parents, birth mom may just get to keep the babies. Over 95% of surrogacy pregnancies go well, with no problems, but what can be done to prevent such problems? My best advice is this: before working with a surrogacy agency, start with an experienced surrogacy attorney in your state. There are some wonderful surrogacy agencies and just a few that are less than reputable – but what you need the most is someone who is an expert in the laws of your state and is paid to protect you and your interests.

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