Scared to Hope Again?

Submitted by Angie Wed 04/29/2009

Once you have experienced a pregnancy loss, you may be very hesitant to get excited the next time a positive pregnancy test appears.

It’s entirely natural that you would be concerned and cautious in trusting that this will be successful, resulting in a healthy birth, as you are trying to protect your heart against the grief and sadness you felt and are still feeling. However, with time and the right kind of support, you will hopefully be able to heal emotionally.

Your husband may need support as well. Men often cannot show their own grief because they feel they have to be strong for their wife or partner. It is really good to get some support for both of you if you are not feeling relaxed and positive in this pregnancy.

There may be a miscarriage association or support group you could call for information and confidential support where you could talk to people who have suffered similar experiences.

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