Say it ain’t so: Soda Sinks Sperm Count

Submitted by Angie Fri 04/02/2010

Tweet Sometimes research is a little fuzzy. Now this may be because I am currently slurping on my own Diet Coke, but I read with interest a new Danish researcher’s claims that were recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology recommending that young men who want to become fathers are required to decrease their cola consumption. The current study reportedly involved 2,554 young men, aiming to discover the relation between the increasing consumption of soft drinks bearing caffeine by young people in Denmark and male reproductive health mainly sperm quality. The study lead, Tina Kold Jensen, professor of environmental medicine, revealed that the results of the study to analyze the involved men’s fitness for military service during the period of 2001–2005, clearly depicted that their fertility varied inversely in association to the amount of soft drinks they consumed. Also, the national research has pointed out that the consumption of soft drinks has significantly jumped over the past decade, mainly among the younger generation. Here’s what is particularly important, but thrown in as an afterthought. The study highlighted a link between high soft drink consumption and too little exercise – a practice that also has been pointed to have a hazardous effect on male fertility. It leads me to wonder if obesity, or at least BMI factors were also considered. In other words, did the guys who drank the most soda also have an extra 50 pounds to lose or was soda truly the culprit?

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