Psychological or social factors affecting fertility

Submitted by pria Tue 02/03/2009

Infertility may be resulted or aggravated by some psychological factors. Marital discords can lead to infertile couple, as the stress can increase sexual dysfunction. Further female partner may be anxious or daunted to conceive for thinking of clinical complexities or may have been stressed about accidentally conceiving for long time because of partners unwillingness for that period to have child. This psychological stresses can hamper reproductive health of female. Again when one or both partners suffer from anxiety, chronic stresses, depression and other psychological problems, his or her or their reproductive organs may lose appropriate functions. There stand some social factor to affect infertility. In closed social groups a sense of being rejected by partner or close ones in case of being failed to conceive can produce enormous emotional stresses and disappointment which can affect negatively on reproductive health or can even lead to infertility.

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