Prostatectomy and infertility

Submitted by del Fri 09/04/2009

Prostatectomy is done by surgically removing a small section of the urethra of a male patient that is surrounded by the prostate. After removal, the prostate is joined again to the urethra. Natural fertility is unlikely after a prostatectomy. The couple has to turn to assisted methods of reproduction after the male undergoes prostatectomy. In some cases when the seminal vesicle is only partially removed, pregnancy may occur. In some cases where the prostatectomy surgery is incomplete, pregnancy is possible. In some cases the ejaculatory duct is left intact after surgery. Ejaculation releases sperm and pregnancy is a distinct possibility in this situation. Once a prostatectomy surgery is complete, the male cannot release sperm naturally. Sperm is required to fertilize the egg for a pregnancy to occur. With the advanced techniques of assisted reproduction, sperm can be surgically removed from the male and implanted in the egg to assist pregnancy.

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