Prolonged Sitting by Males May Lead to Infertility

Submitted by Borilla Fri 04/17/2009

The scrotum serves a thermoregulatory function in the body. It may expand or contract to keep the testicles at a close proximity to the body to regulate the temperature inside the testes. Sperms are very sensitive to the changes in body and environmental temperature. When environmental temperatures are high, the scrotum tends to hang away from the body but when the weather’s cold, the scrotum contracts bringing the testes closer to the body. This is nature’s way of protecting the “seeds” for the perpetuation of the species. One of the causes of male fertility is elevated scrotal temperature. This condition may cause varying levels of male infertility depending on the condition during the time that the sperm was produced. This condition can be created by many situations. These situations include: wearing of too tight clothing, prolonged sitting and habitual soaking in hot tubs. Some occupations that require sitting down for longer period of time is hazardous sperm production.

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