Pregnancy Trimesters

A pregnancy can be divided into three trimesters. Each of the pregnancy trimesters offers important changes in both mom and the growing baby. The first of the pregnancy trimesters is when the baby is doing most of the changing and growing, even though mom will start gaining three pounds a week by the end of the trimester.

The second of the pregnancy trimesters is often the easiest. By the end of this trimester, the baby is about fourteen inches long and weighs a pound and a half. Backaches and nosebleeds are common complaints among moms during this time.

The last of the pregnancy trimesters is when baby finishes growing. The baby will soon get into position for birth. By the end of the third trimester, he or she will be ready to arrive and join your family. Expect to feel tired and need frequent rest during your last few weeks.

Infertility Support Groups

The Infertility Support Groups at are for individuals, friends and families who are looking to connect during life’s challenging times. Share experiences, evaluate information and get support during times of need, illness, treatment or recovery.

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