Pregnancy Support

Being pregnant can be a stressful experience for many women. If this pregnancy wasn’t planned, you may not feel prepared to have a baby. Concerns about insurance, finances, your relationship with your partner and how the pregnancy will affect work or school are all common. For that reason, getting the pregnancy support you need as soon as you can is vital.

Pregnancy support can take many forms. One of your primary sources for support is going to be your health care provider. He or she has had many years of experience helping women of all ages in a wide variety of circumstances. Your health care provider is often a good source for referrals for other places that might offer pregnancy support.

Local crisis pregnancy centers often offer pregnancy support in a variety of ways. They may offer baby equipment, counseling and, in some cases, a maternity home. WIC (Women, Infant and Children) offices through the health department often offer nutritional classes, free food and more.

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