Pregnancy Stages

Stages of mitosis

Every woman who is pregnant goes through certain pregnancy stages. They are divided by trimesters, or three month periods. During the first trimester, you may not notice a lot of changes in your body, but you may feel different. Frequent urination, morning sickness and fatigue are all common symptoms for the first trimester.

The next of the stages of pregnancy is the second trimester. By now, you are feeling better and starting to show. For most women, the morning sickness is gone and this is often thought of as the easiest trimester.

The last of the stages of pregnancy is the third trimester. It is challenging in its own way, and routine habits like eating, sleeping and bending over may become tricky. It is also an exciting time as you prepare your home and life for a new baby. Of all the stages of pregnancy, it is important to remember to take care of yourself and get good prenatal care.

Infertility Support Groups

The Infertility Support Groups at are for individuals, friends and families who are looking to connect during life’s challenging times. Share experiences, evaluate information and get support during times of need, illness, treatment or recovery.

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