Pregnancy Nausea

If you’re pregnant, you will probably experience some nausea. Anywhere from 50-90% of women do. Pregnancy nausea is worse during the first trimester, but may reappear at the end of pregnancy. Commonly called morning sickness, pregnancy nausea can affect women at any point in the day or night.

Researchers aren’t sure what causes pregnancy nausea, but it is often seen as an indicator of a healthy pregnancy. There appears to be some relationship between nausea and the level of the pregnancy hormone hCG. The higher your hCG level, the more likely you are to feel nauseous. Because miscarriage often occurs when hCG levels are very low, there is some compensation for getting sick – it is a regular reminder you have a healthy, growing baby.

Vomiting does not hurt the baby, but you can become dehydrated. Severe nausea that interferes with your daily functioning should be discussed with your health care provider.

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