Pregnancy Labor

For first time moms, one of the most troubling questions is wondering when during pregnancy labor will begin. A typical pregnancy is 38-42 weeks long, although first time moms are more likely to have longer pregnancies. It is important to know common pregnancy labor signs so you can be prepared.

Early labor signs can begin anytime from four to six weeks before your baby’s due date. They include:

    • Increase in pressure on the pelvis
    • Change in energy (either decreased or increased)
    • Vaginal discharge
    • Loss of mucous plug
    • Braxton Hicks contractions
    • Engagement of the baby into the pelvis

As your body prepares for real pregnancy labor, you will need to learn about the different stages of labor. They include:

    • First stage: Early labor
    • First stage: Active labor
    • Transition
    • Second stage: Pushing
  • Third stage: Delivering the placenta
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