Portable, easy to use hormone meter in development

Submitted by Shelby D Burns Thu 01/14/2010

Tech lab Aneeve Nanotechnologies LLC will conduct early stage research for the development of a novel hormone sensor for use in the areas of infertility and menopause from the UCLA on-campus Technology Incubator Program at the California NanoSystems Institute. This new technology will increase hormonal detection sensitivity significantly more than what is available on the market today and the new technology should deliver those results in much the same way as glucose tabs do for diabetics. Aneeve’s primary research focus will be to develop a consumer-based, low power, portable meter for sensing estrogen and progesterone hormone levels to assist women in controlling symptoms of menopause. Alternatively, the device will also allow couples to monitor hormone patterns to help increase chances of fertility, especially among those seeking infertility treatments. The meter will provide on-demand hormonal levels so patients can better control drug intake related to all types of hormone therapy. The technology will measure hormone concentrations using specially made hormone tabs made by low cost an precise ink-jet printing of carbon nanotubes. The system is low cost, compact and easy to use. Currently, there is nothing like it on the market and demand is high. “After speaking with the medical experts at UCLA and USC, our research collaborators recognized a real need for a simple non-invasive device,” said Kang Wang, UCLA professor of electrical engineering upon whose technology the license is based. “Such consumer-based meters for on-demand sensing of estrogen and progesterone concentrations are not currently available.” If successful development of the device occurs, it could change the way women monitor and treat menopause symptoms as well as increase the success of fertility treatments.

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