Pelvic fracture does not mean C-section

Submitted by Shelby D Burns Mon 09/27/2010

Thoughtful woman Women who have suffered pelvic fractures – over 100,000 each year usually from car accidents – are being given bad advice or no advice regarding pregnancy, delivery and other common ailments. A new study published in Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research reviewed cases of women who experienced pelvic fracture and found these women are receiving C-sections at a higher rate than other women even though the procedure is not automatically called for. Lisa Cannada, MD, associate professor of orthopaedic surgery at Saint Louis University said the review offers important information about what these women should be discussing with their doctors. Many doctors advise against vaginal delivery and even getting pregnant altogether. “The C-section rate is so high. It’s important to educate women and their obstetricians that it is possible to deliver vaginally after a pelvic fracture,” said Cannada, who is also a SLUCare surgeon. “Frequently these issues are not addressed when women are first treated for a fracture. In some cases, women are given inaccurate information, such as being told not to become pregnant after a pelvic fracture or that they must have a C-section. This is not the case.” Women also commonly suffer from urinary symptoms and discomfort during sex but don’t know that these are related to the pelvic fracture or that they are treatable. Post traumatic stress is also not uncommon and tends to be left untreated while successful treatment options do exist. “Take charge,” Cannada advises. “Don’t let a pelvic fracture affect your life or decision to have kids. Talk to you OB/GYN and find out what your best options are.”

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