PCOS and acne

Submitted by Shelby D Burns Mon 08/08/2011

PCOS acne is often an unfortunate side effect for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. This type of acne is usually concentrated on the jawline. As with many kinds of acne, PCOS acne is caused by hormonal imbalances which characterize the disease. Insulin resistance also confounds the problems. Stress can also be a contributor to outbreaks. As a result of insulin imbalances, cravings for refined sugars and carbohydrates can also contribute to acne. There are many treatment options for women and girls with PCOS acne. The best way to treat it is to get it as the source: hormones. A blood test will tell you if your hormones are out of balance and by how much. Armed with this information, a dermatologist will know how to treat the disorder. Same thing with insulin resistance or even food allergies. If you discover that these are the issues causing the acne, you will be better equipped to handle it effectively and permanently. If you don’t conquer the acne at the source, any kind of treatment is just a Band-Aid treating a symptom but not eliminating the problem. The acne and the outbreaks will continue. Of course general advise on keeping your skin clear works for everybody. Avoid cosmetics, soaps and any facial treatments that have additives. Go for natural and organic products without scents or coloring. Become crazy about washing your pillow case. It’s a good investment to buy a week’s worth of cases and change them daily. Use a fragrance free detergent and no fabric softener. The sun will give you a glow as well as provide much needed vitamin D. Sit outside for about 30 minutes a day. Exercise also helps your skin by eliminating toxins through sweat and helping you exfoliate naturally. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will give you and your skin nutrients needed for better, more healthful living.

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