Parlodel as an infertility cure

Submitted by Joan Thu 04/16/2009

Parlodel has been used effectively to cure infertility in women. Parlodel is the brand name of the chemical pharmaceutical, bromocriptine. It comes under the category of medications known as Dopamine receptor stimulants. Parlodel is used to suppress the effects of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin is the hormone that stimulates milk production. When a woman is pregnant prolactin increases the milk production capacity of her body. Some women have large amounts of prolactin without being pregnant. High levles of prolactin causes infertility. Parlodel is given in divided doses of 2.5mg per day through the menstrual cycle. 50% of the women who have been treated with parlodel have started ovulatingin a short time and later conceived. Parlodel comes with side effects. Many women experience nausea, stuffiness, low blood pressure, dry mouth and headaches after taking parlodel. Parlodel is the easiest and most effective solution when infertility is caused by high levels of prolactin.
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