Not What Men Expected

Submitted by my Mon 01/19/2009

A lot of men are confused as to how infertility can be causes in men, but the answer is actually pretty unbelievable. The onset of infertility can be caused by something as simple as walking outside. There are environmental toxins in the air of some areas of certain people live. Now toxins are more likely to affect a man than they are a woman. Reasons for this are not yet fully known. If you work in fields or happen to pass by fields constantly sprayed with pesticides, this can also cause infertility problems. Constantly coming in contact with lead over a certain amount of time can cause infertility as well. Unfortunately there are other things that can cause infertility that some men cannot help. Radiation used to treat cancer can also cause infertility in men. It is one of the sacrifices some men must make in order to live out there lives.

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