Natural Treatments for Infertility

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Natural Treatments for Infertility
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Vitamins, Minerals, Acupuncture, Relaxation

Treating infertility with traditional medical treatments is often costly for most couples, in addition to being invasive, painful, and in the case of moods and emotions, almost unmanageable.

Therefore, many women look for natural infertility treatments that include such things as diet, exercise, and acupuncture. Below we will explore those options in closer detail.


A healthy diet and moderate exercise are better for your body than pumping it full of hormones from unknown and perhaps unpleasant sources.

Natural treatments, such as vitamins and herbs, which are thought to restore a woman’s ovulation cycles and improve a man’s sperm count can be effective at treating some aspects of infertility.

Since they can be purchased OTC, they are likely to be cheaper than prescription medications, and a whole lot easier to obtain.


That said, a couple of issues should be brought to your attention, chiefly that only certain symptoms are treated in these cases, and the fundamental cause may remain undiscovered.

For example, a woman with PCOS might be pleased to find that natural remedies restore her menstrual cycle, but not her resistance to insulin.

Additionally, “natural” does not automatically indicate “safe”. Consult a medical professional who understands your concerns and the benefits and risks of each “natural” treatment.

Other areas that can help are Upper Cervical care.

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