Mumps and Infertility in Males

Submitted by Van Sun 04/19/2009

Tweet Mumps is caused by an RNA virus. It is highly infectious and can affect anyone especially those who are not vaccinated. Mumps has long been observed as one of the disease conditions affecting children together with measles and chickenpox. But lately, there is a rise in the morbidity rate among young adults especially those in their late twenties. Mumps is manifested by the inflammation of one or more salivary glands. One experiences swelling and pain. The Parotid gland is the most commonly affected gland. When adult males have mumps, Orchitis is a common complication. Although permanent loss of fertility occurs rarely, Mumps Orchitis, may result in the reduced capacity of the sperm-forming cells in the testes to produce sperms. When there is a failure in the production of sperms, pregnancy may become virtually impossible. In very mild cases, infertility due to Mumps Orchitis may only be temporary.

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