Motorcycle seats cause infertility?

Submitted by del Fri 04/17/2009

There was some talk some time before about motorcycle seats causing impotence. However, it seems that there is no sufficient proof to back this up. Motorcycles today are built not only with power but also with comfort for the rider. Motorcycle seats are padded and mechanisms keep on improving, making a ride less rigorous on the groin. Vibration from a motorcycle seat does not damage nerves in the reproductive area and even increases blood flow. Some experts hypothesize that electrical components under the seat, and not the seat or the vibration, cause potential damage to the rider’s reproductive organs. Electromagnetic field radiation is said to be zapping the prostate area. It could lead to erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, benighn prostatic hyperplasia and infertility. On top of this, it can also cause libido loss and hormonal imbalance. Infertility cannot be easily blamed on a single cause, like EMF for instance. But it is still worth considering and studying further.

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