Misconceptions of Miscarriage and Infertility

Submitted by Joan Thu 02/19/2009

Tweet There is a presumption that miscarriage results in infertility. Many couples hesitate to attempt having a baby after miscarriage thinking that the miscarriage has caused fertility problems. Miscarriage is the result of many factors but fertility is not one of them. There are also many factors that affect fertility and past miscarriages are not known to cause infertility. Infertile couples sometimes suffer the devastating problem of having a miscarriage after fertility treatment. Pregnancies after treatment for fertility are susceptible to miscarriage. Miscarriage is a random event. There are many processes that should take place in perfect sequence during childbirth. One missed link in the chain of processes can cause miscarriage. Miscarriages happen in the best of pregnancies. Medical research has shown that fertility and miscarriage are unrelated problems that have no connection during child birth. The presumption that once a woman suffers a miscarriage she becomes infertile is a misconception.

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