Mirena IUD and Breast Cancer

Submitted by GynoGab Sat 06/11/2011

Every woman worries about breast cancer, causes, prevention and when it comes to using hormonal treatments, women wonder if there is a link. In the March 2011 issue of Contraception there was a study looking at whether the low leaking of blood levels of progesterone would expose a woman to increased risk of breast cancer, and the answer was no. The study was performed by the makers of the levonorgesterel containing IUD and it was a population based, case control study and there was no increased risk in these users.studied over 5000 European women with breast cancer and over 20,000 European women matched as their controls. The strength of this study is that it In the US physicians have begun to use the IUD in post menopausal women as balancing hormone for menopausal estrogen, and this study doesn’t answer the question as to whether this produces protection or risk for breast cancer in this group.

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