Low estradiol levels. Hi, I am a 28 f, BMI of 17.5, had some breakthrough bleeding after discontinuing the pills. It’s been 7 months, and last month I had midcycle bleeding right around ovulation. Had pelvic exam, ultrasound, hormone levels and thyroid


Submitted by yinglihuffman on Fri, 06/10/2011 – 13:21.

Thyroid checked. All came back normal. However, my estradiol level at day 9 seemed low. FSH was 6. I know they should have done a day 3 test, but it was the day of the ultrasound (he saw several follicles developing), and it happened to be day 8-9. MD said my lining was thin, but he wasn’t concerned due to time of the cycle. He did not make any comment about my estradiol level being only 42 pg/ML. Said it was “within normal limits” for time of cycle. What do you think could be causing my midcycle bleeding? My cervcial mucus chances throughout the cycle and around ovulation it is wet and abundant, and in luteal phase it is white and creamy. Does it seem like I am ovulating? could I ovulate even with such low estradiol levels at day 8-9? What should my next step be? What kind of estrogen supplements are usually prescribed or should I go to clomid even though I am only 28.

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