Linking obesity with infertility

Submitted by Van Sat 01/17/2009

It’s not just rumor that overweight and obesity has connection with infertility. It has certainly some medical grounds. We know that High-fat diets add to higher cholesterol levels in the body, and this cholesterol clings to the arteries and areas around the heart, retarding the circulation of various body fluids across the body. It does the same to the reproductive system. Cholesterol chokes out a man’s ability to produce healthy sperm and a woman’s ability to ovulate a healthy egg. So obesity which is attendant with higher cholesterol level creates the risk of losing fertility power to some extent or even fully. Another connection between obesity and infertility seems to be the extra body weight itself. This extra weight on a man may block his sperm ducts, which is a very common reason for infertility in men. Additionally, a woman who has extra weight around her midsection may also have problems with ovulation, as this exerts some undesirable pressure on the fallopian tubes and on the uterus. So a fertilized egg cannot attach itself and is miscarried. Again exercise and some other physical activities (which are less common in obese people) are required to produce oxygen-rich blood which is necessary for all functions of the body, including the reproductive system.

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