IVF Baby All Grown Up, Has Baby Naturally

Submitted by Angie Fri 06/25/2010

Tweet One of Australia’s first IVF babies has given birth to her own naturally conceived daughter, defying fears that IVF children inherit infertility. Charley Randall was delivered at the Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane last week, weighing 4.2 kilograms. ”It’s an overwhelming experience,” Charley’s mother, Meagan Randall, said. ”I can’t believe she’s finally here.” Mrs Randall and her twin brother, Matthew Leslie, were the first children born from in vitro fertilisation in Queensland. Their parents had spent more than a decade trying to conceive naturally. Mrs Randall and her husband, Adam, conceived their child in their first month of trying. ”I was in shock actually, because I never thought it would be that easy for me,” she said. ”My parents tried for 13 years to have my brother and I and they had to go through IVF to have us … [so] there was a worry in the back of my head that it might be exactly the same for me, that I would have trouble and I would need assistance with falling pregnant.” The chief executive of infertility support group Access Australia, Sandra Dill, said the birth was encouraging news for others born as a result of the IVF program who were planning to have children.

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