Iron and zinc deficiencies linked to miscarriage

Submitted by shelbydburns Sat 10/08/2011

Did I take my supplement? Miscarriage is not uncommon, occurring in about 15% of all pregnancies. Most women may not even know they were pregnant since the miscarriage happens so early in the first trimester. Scientists at the University of Granada have confirmed that a low plasma level of copper and zinc in pregnant women may be a factor contributing to miscarriage. This is the first time researchers have been able to make this link in humans. For this study, 265 pregnant women were selected. Of those, 132 had spontaneous miscarriage that year. The others had a full term pregnancy. They all filled out questionnaires, underwent ultrasound examination and had blood samples taken. Overall, 131 variables were assess on each participant. The data was compared from the two groups of women. The results showed differences in maternal plasma concentration of copper and zinc. The findings suggest that this maternal deficiency of one or both trace elements may be associated with miscarriage. Dr. Jesus Joaquin Hijona Elosegui, a researcher at the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Granada pointed out “despite the significant progress made in reproductive medicine, spontaneous abortion is still the most frequent complication during pregnancy. It is estimated to affect 15 percent of pregnant women, mainly during the first trimester. Although most of the time it is not recurring, there is a recurrence of two to five percent among women who have already suffered a miscarriage.” If something as simple as a supplement or dietary change early in pregnancy or made while attempting to conceive can curb those numbers, then every attempt should be made to educate expectant mothers. Doctors often recommend supplements of folate and iodine, but those recommendations aren’t always followed or given with much enthusiasm. Talk to you doctor if you think this could be a factor in your pregnancy. Source: University of Granada, MedicalNewsToday

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