Infertility caused by Low Ferritin

Submitted by Van Fri 08/21/2009

Low ferritin causes infertility. Hemoglobin is the only test taken by women to test if they are anemic. A Ferritin is an equally important test because a test may reflect normal levels of hemoglobin but the woman may be infertile because of low Ferritin. Ferritin is the protein that stores iron in human cells. Optimal levels of ferritin are between 70 and 90. If ferritin levels indicated by a serum ferritin test are below 50, it will be difficult for the patient to conceive. Research has proved that increasing iron levels is enough to treat infertility. In one study women were given a combination of iron tablets and vitamin C and became pregnant in the space of a month. In most fertility clinics, a ferritin test and a thyroid test are among the first tests done. Abnormalities in the ferritin content of the body can be easily cured through medication.

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