Infertility Caused by Late Ovulation

Submitted by patsy Tue 06/16/2009

The menstrual cycle is a sign of ovulation. Women with late or irregular menstrual cycles suffer from late ovulation. In most cases women with late ovulation suffer from infertility. The eggs released during the menstrual cycle are usually immature. There are many causes for late ovulation. Hormonal changes are a major cause of late ovulation. Some women suffer premature menopause caused by late ovulation. Polycystic ovarian syndrome, prolactinoma tumors and ovarian tumors also cause late ovulation. y. Excessive dieting and exercising distort the menstrual cycle causing late ovulation. Chemotherapy for cancer patients among women causes late ovulation. It is estimated that 40% of women suffer from late ovulation. Medication to increase the hormone progesterone is given to normalize the menstrual period cycle. There are instances when pregnancy has occurred in women who suffer from delayed ovulation but the possibility of pregnancy is greatly reduced in women who suffer late ovulation.

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