Infertility caused by Candida

Submitted by anne77 Fri 04/17/2009
Candida albicans is a natural fungus that grows in
the body especially in the
vaginal tract. The fungus is the cause of yeast infections in the vagina and this causes infertility.

Candida causes many diseases of
the vaginal tract. It causes vaginitis, cystitis, vaginal thrush
and consequently depression. There are many causes that help candida to grow in the body. A high sugar diet, antibiotics, the pill, illness, excess estrogen and sex
with a person who has candida are a few of the many reasons why candida grows in the vaginal tract. There is no easy way of diagnosing infertility caused by candida. Conventional medicine has not been effective in destroying candida. Natural remedies like garlic and yoghurt have proved to be effective. Since candida is a fungus and can be removed from the body, the resultant infertility is not permanent and a woman can get pregnant after a candida infection.

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