Infertility and Supplemental Health Insurance

Submitted by Joan Mon 08/31/2009

Infertility treatment is not always an effective treatment. This is why insurance companies are hesitant to include infertility treatments in their policies. In some States like New York and California, it is mandatory to include infertility treatments in health insurance policies. It is possible to shop among policies and secure a policy that covers infertility treatment specific to the patient’s needs. Infertility treatments are expensive and not always effective. Insurance companies do not find them to be a lucrative insurable health problem. Supplemental insurance coverage is available in some insurance policies. Some policies cover diagnosis, specific treatments, actual procedures and visits to the doctor. There are also policies that cover the day to day expenses of fertility centers. Some employers provide infertility treatment coverage under the group insurance programs they provide for their employees. Though Insurance companies are skeptical about infertility procedures, almost all infertility treatments are given tax deductions.

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