Infertility and Estradinol

Submitted by my Tue 02/17/2009

Estradinol is a type of estrogen. When a couple seeks treatment for infertility, an estradinol test is a diagnostic test done to check the levels of estradinol in the body and to evaluate the functioning of the ovaries. The test involves a blood test during the menstrual cycle. High levels of estradinol impact fertility and the normal function of the ovaries. The normal level of estradinol is 80pg/ml. The doctor will based on the results of the diagnostic test discuss treatment options with the patient. The level of estradinol is as important as the FSH test or the test to determine the levels of the follicle stimulating hormone. Treatment may involve medication as a first option. Medication will be given to lower the levels of estradinol or increase insufficient estradinol. Normal levels of estradinol will increase the potential of the ovaries to function normally and produce eggs for fertilization.

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