Infertile in Louisiana? Apply for this IVF Grant Today

Infertile in Louisiana? Apply for this IVF Grant Today

Submitted by Angie Tue 03/22/2011

Tweet Infertile couples can apply for the GIFT of HOPE award. The award is a joint charitable program launched by Fertility & Women’s Health Center of Louisiana, Women’s & Children’s Hospital, and Sheridan Healthcare to help one infertile couple each year overcome the financial barriers to building their family through the gift of one in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. The combined value of this donated IVF cycle is estimated at $15,000. Couples must meet the following general eligibility criteria: Have a documented medical need for in vitro fertilization. A letter explaining this need is required, on letterhead, from their reproductive endocrinologist or gynecologic professional; Have a combined gross income of $80,000 a year or less before taxes; Are Louisiana residents; Have medical insurance coverage which includes prenatal care but does not include coverage for in vitro fertilization; Are in a married, stable relationship and consent to counseling prior to treatment. Applicants must also submit with their application a letter describing, in their own words, the compelling nature of their need for fertility treatment. More information and a downloadable application can be found by accessing or calling (337) 989-8795. Applications must be received by April 29. Since its creation in 2006, seven couples have been awarded the GIFT of HOPE and three babies have been born as a result. Visit to read the stories behind each couples’ struggles with infertility.

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