In an fet cycle, does estrogen make you ovulate?

Submitted by reeses Sat 09/18/2010 – 11:05.

In a FET cycle, you don’t need to ovulate because you are having embryos transferred. During a normal menstrual cycle, estrogen is produced by the developing follicle. This estrogen acts on the uterus to thicken and mature the uterine lining. Estrogen is given in a FET cycle for the same reason. There are many different ways that estrogen can be given in a frozen embryo transfer cycle: Estrogen pills – Estrace, Premarin Estrogen patches – Estraderm, Climera Estrogen injections – Delestrogen (estradiol valerate), Depogen (estradiol cypionate) Vaginal estrogen – Vagifem, Femring There is no data that any one method works better than another.
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