I’m 27 years old male,my motilityt is 30% and sperm count is 10 million/ml? do i have the chance to have a baby?

Submitted by charlito Sat 03/12/2011- 05:31.

Sperm concentration (also called sperm density) is measured in millions of sperm per milliliter (mL) of semen. Normal is 20 million or more sperm per mL, with a To put your semen analysis in pespective, ideally, there would be a total of 80 million or more sperm in one ejaculation. Fewer sperm and/or a lower sperm concentration may impair fertility. Motility is the percentage of moving sperm in a sample, as well as their rate and direction of travel. Ideally, 50% should be motile one hour after ejaculation, and they should be moving forward with good speed in a straight line. That being said, is pregnancy possible? Probably, but I would make an appointment with a urologist. Sometimes medications and changes in lifestyle and diet can improve your chances. Secondly, your chances of pregnancy with IVF may be excellent, as you only need a few good sperm to fertilize the egg.
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