I will be put on a progesterone treatment for 10 days to regulate my irregular periods. Will being on this treatment allow me to get pregnant while taking it, and how does it work exactly?

Submitted by Bambily Mon 02/14/2011- 07:04.

One month of progesterone will not actually regulate your periods. Progesterone will cause you to have a menstrual bleeding and will get rid of any uterine buildup. It’s important to do so every few months if you do not have regular menstrual cycles because excessive buildup can increase your risks of cancer. That being said, pregnancy is unlike during your week of progesterone. However, taking progesterone for several months may kickstart your hornmones and you may begin to have regular cycles. Make sure you’ve had bloodwork done and a complete hormone screen to see if there are other reasons why your cycles aren’t regular.

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