How do I apply for a Grant? We have gone through several IVF treatments and exhausted our finances. We are interested in going with a Donor Egg and need to find funding. Can you guide me please?

Submitted by SASF Wed 04/27/2011

Hi – what a great question – Submitted by Angie on Tue, 05/03/2011 – 09:06. Hi – what a great question – and unfortunately, one far too many people are asking. Infertility treatments are very expensive and few people have insurance coverage for them. Here are some tips: 1. Go to your library and borrow a copy of “Budgeting for Infertility: Bringing Home Baby Without Breaking the Bank” – it’s a pretty thorough resource that covers all aspects of financial needs. 2. Since you need an egg donor, you might ask your clinic if there is someone you could share eggs with. Sometimes a clinic will allow you to split the costs for an egg donor and divide the eggs between two women. 3. Grants are few and far between and very difficult to find. Often they depend on where you live. Check with local infertility clinic as they may do giveaways of a free IVF cycle if you go to a special educational event. 4. Some nonprofit agencies will offer free cycles – the only two that I know are active are Fertile Dreams and INCIID, although INCIID requires an application fee. Good luck on your journey! Need Help? A Counselor is Waiting All Sessions Start for Free – Click below to get started

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