Houston IVF Giveaway

Submitted by Angie Thu 05/27/2010

Houston Fertility Institute is having its semi-annual Patient Education Seminar. Mark it on your calanders and keep looking on our website (http://www.hfi-ivf.com/) for more details. Kristen Magnacca, author, coach, and speaker on Dealing with Infertility will be speaking which will be beneficial for anyone thinking about fertility options or those who are currently going through them now. HFI will be giving away a FREE IVF CYCLE during the event. Space is limited – Please reserve your seat e-mail [email protected] or call 281-357-1881. Written after her own challenging experiences with infertility, Kristen Magnacca shares her and her husband’s story and provides much-needed life-saving strategies in the book. During the infertility journey, love and romance can often take a back seat to the basal thermometers, hormone shots, and medical procedures that millions of aspiring parents hope will get them pregnant. Infertility can cause frustration, hopelessness, miscommunication, and a radical change in couples’ daily lives – and in their relationships. The book, now published in paperback, explains how to keep the love alive while trying to create a family. Drawn from Magnacca’s nationally presented seminar “Strategies for Survival – Balancing Infertility, Marriage, and Life,” Love and Infertility focuses on the importance of sharing and communicating so that a couple can move successfully through infertility without allowing it to become all-encompassing and overwhelming. With honest humor and candid personal accounts, Magnacca reveals tips, provides exercises, and shares rare bits of wisdom to guide couples through the hardships and help them to work as a team, evolving from a childless couple to expectant parents. Magnacca also is the author of Girlfriend to Girlfriend: A Fertility Companion (1stBooks Library, 2000). Kristen Magnacca has served as an expert on the emotional aspects of infertility, testifying before the US Senate in the spring of 2000 about the importance of government funding for fertility research and holistic treatment. She has been highlighted in national publications and broadcast media including NBC’s “The Today Show,” “Woman’s World” magazine, PBS’ “Health Week” and The Boston Globe. She also is a board member and volunteer of RESOLVE of the Bay State. Kristen and her husband Mark realized a happy ending to their own infertility experience and are the proud parents of two children.

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