High Risk Pregnancy

A high risk pregnancy is scary for moms-to-be. No one wants to be considered a high risk for developing health problems or having a sick baby. A high risk pregnancy is one in which some condition puts the mother, the developing fetus, or both at higher-than-normal risk for complications during pregnancy, labor or delivery.

A number of different risk factors can identify you as a high risk pregnancy:

  • a chronic medical condition that may affect your pregnancy
  • a history of previous pregnancy-related complications or pregnancy-related complications during your current pregnancy
  • a history of pregnancy loss

Some women who are of an advanced maternal age may also be considered high-risk, although the exact criteria is not uniform.

Some women with a high-risk pregnancy may be best suited for seeing a physician who specialized in such pregnancies. Often connected to university or research hospitals, specialists often have a broader range of experience and resources to assist with difficult situations.

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