Herbs for female infertility

Submitted by Shelby D Burns Thu 12/20/2012

Prim Herbs for Female Infertility There is very little empirical research to support herb and supplement use to improve fertility. Still, that doesn’t mean that anecdotally the use of these time tested, less expensive, easily accessible fertility treatments can’t be supported. As long as you take precautions, look for drug interactions and adverse side effects and stay open and honest with your doctor, there is every reason to try boosting your fertility naturally. Many couples like to start with low intervention, low cost, all natural before getting into final option medical interventions and all those entail. Here are some you can try:

Vitex or chasteberry One herbal treatment is called vitex or chasteberry. Vitex may lengthen the luteal phase which can increase the chance of implantation of a fertilized egg. It can increase the production of progesterone and lower the production of prolactin, both changes increasing fertility for women. For women who ovulate irregularly, vitex can induce ovulation and regulate a cycle. It may take many months for this herb to have effect.

Evening primrose oil One contributor to infertility is less than optimal cervical fluid. Cervical fluid which is stretchy, thin, or watery in texture helps support sperm enabling it to live longer and increase its chances for reaching an egg. If you feel this could be a problem for you, evening primrose oil (EPO) can encourage a woman to produce or increase her production of fertile cervical fluid.

Red clover, raspberry leaf, dong quai, and others There are many herbs which contribute to hormone regulation. They include red clover, false unicorn root, stinging nettle, raspberry leaf, lady’s mantle and dong quai. For regulating menstrual cycles you might try stinging nettle or false unicorn root. Red clover is known for preparing the uterus for implantation as is lady’s mantle. Dong quai is believed to help support the implantation of the fertilized egg. brb

Not just for women; men can try herbal remedies too Flaxseed oil, pycnogenol, ginseng and astralagus each can increase sperm production and improve sperm motility and quality.

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