Herbal medicine to get pregnant

Submitted by Joan Tue 02/24/2009

Couples have tried to get pregnant for centuries. Men of medicine have also developed herbal medicines to help a woman get pregnant through the ages. Herbal teas and potions have been used in all ancient systems of medicine to help pregnancy. Herbs were combined to make tonics which improved the general health of a woman and helped her in the process of getting pregnant. Herbal teas and compounds were given to patients to help the procreation of children. There were medicines for the male and the female. Regular use of these herbal medicines resulted in successful pregnancy. Today, doctors recommend that herbal teas aid pregnancy and women are advised to avoid caffeine. Common herbs used to help pregnancy are red raspberry leaves and nettle tea. Parsley, black cohosh and watercress are sources of health giving minerals for pregnancy. The patient must consult a licensed practitioner before taking herbal pregnancy aids. Hrebalife Herbalife Herbalife Submitted by Herbalife on Tue, 07/20/2010 – 04:08. Hrebalife Herbalife Herbalife – The Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) is dedicated to improving children’s lives by helping organizations provide healthy nutrition to children at risk. Additionally, HFF often supports relief efforts in response to natural disasters. Herbalife Herbalife – Information regarding the science behind the success of Herbalife Herbalife – Learn about the different ways in which Herbalife represents an exciting opportunity for those who choose to become Independent Distributors Herbalife
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